The Rubberboot Missie (Inflatable Boat Mission) is an annual event in the city of Utrecht, The Netherlands. Known as the biggest inflatable boat event in the country the mission has become something for many ‘sailors’ to look forward to a day of fun and relaxation in the canals of Utrecht. In a few years time the Rubberboot Missie managed to grow from 40 to as many as a 1000 participants. Some facts:

  • The Rubberboot Missie and the Rubberboot Missie afterparty are organised every summer.
  • All items inflatable (that can’t do any harm to others) are welcome. So no motor boats allowed!
  • Every year there’s an ambassador who kicks off the Rubberboot Missie. This person is often associated with fun, parties, and even inflatable palm trees, animals, boats etc!
  • A  group picture (which has been growing over the years) is taken each time.

And the best of all….it’s completely free to participate! All people have to do is fill in the form on the website. Over the years we managed to get coverage on CNN.com, The Guardian, MSN.com and even Yahoo! Mexico and The Indian Times! Aye aye captain!

Do you want more info? Feel free to contact us! We all speak English!